Firedog Food Services was opened May 2008 by owner and head chef, Russell Arpaia. After a long and successful career in both the travel industry and real estate and mortgage industry, Russ started his retirement. This retirement wasn't long lived though, as his passion for food and cooking drew him to a new venture in the food service industry.


On Russ's many visits to the Bronx he would frequent the iconic New York City hot dog carts. It was here that Russ was first inspired to bring this business model to Connecticut. He started out by purchasing a cart from one of the vendors just outside of Fordham.


To kick off his new business, he served firefighters at the Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Department, where Russ has been a volunteer for over thirty years. After a few highly successful test runs, he expanded to serving little league baseball games and other local sporting events, carrying the name chosen by his brother firefighters: "Firedog". Staying true to his favorite Bronx business model, Russ sold authentic Sabrett hot dogs and red hots, and even carried the infamous onions in sauce.


After a year, the success of this small venture prompted Russ to upgrade his equipment to better serve his customers. Firedog Food Services acquired a brand new, custom built, mobile food truck. This allowed Firedog to serve not just authentic Sabrett hot dogs like those served in the Bronx, but also a wide range of other menu options like pulled pork, sausage & peppers and bacon, egg, & cheese breakfast sandwiches. The mobile food truck allowed Firedog to expand the range of its geographic operations, and also expand the assortment of menu items since it hosts a full service mobile kitchen.


FIREDOG is “Green”


Not all food trucks are the same. Our truck is a new, state of the art. Custom built food truck. Built in Los Angeles to our specifications and shipped on a flatbed to Connecticut, delivered in July 2010. California Trucks are built to the strictest health codes in the country. The entire interior of the truck is stainless steel. This is the preferred material for cleanliness. The truck is cleaned and sanitized before and after every use. We routinely receive 98, 99, 100 percent on health inspections. We have six to eight inspections every season and are happy to show our customers our inspection reports and we do post inspection reports in the window with vending licenses at all festivals and events.


WE ARE QUIET,  Firedog does NOT run any generators at your party. All of our refrigeration and freezers are cold plate, all of our fans & lights are 12 volt inverter.  We are fully self contained and do not need any electrical hook up. Quiet is good, please compare us to the competition.





Peek inside the Firedog Truck







Firedog LLC is a privately owned company and not affiliated
with any Fire Department or Municipality